Happiness at work

Happier workplaces are better for people and for business

Only 2% of people say they work just to pay the bills. Being happy at work is important for 90% of us. Yet over half of us are unhappy at work.

People who are happy at work tend to enjoy life more and have better health, stronger relationships and a greater sense of purpose.

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Happiness has a huge positive impact - evidence shows that happier staff are more productive, creative and committed.

The Action for Happiness sessions are brilliant. I joined the first one as a real sceptic thinking it may be all fluffy nonsense, but they are fantastic and definitely helping to change my mindset. Thank you for organising them.  

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What We Offer 

We can provide your organisation with expert insights to help support individual wellbeing and build a shared culture of happiness.

We draw on thousands of peer-reviewed studies and distil them into accessible, enjoyable, practical sessions for your staff. We can also offer consultancy to help you make happiness a priority in everything you do.

When you chose to work with Action for Happiness you support a movement of people building a happier world and help us to keep providing free resources for everybody. 

  • Keynotes and talks

Inspiring sessions to get people talking and thinking about happiness at work. 

  • Programmes and Workshops

Bespoke experiential sessions that dive deep and help build new habits. 

  • Advisory and Consultancy

Integrate the science of wellbeing into how you work and through the fabric of your organisation.  

How it Works

Investing in employee wellbeing brings multiple benefits. From improved mental health, resilience and coping skills for individuals to increased levels of job satisfaction, staff retention and productivity across the organisation. 

When people are happier at work they are better at collaborating, problem-solving and taking care of the people around them. That means their team and their clients, but the tools we teach ripple out beyond that and support people to grow in all aspects of their lives. 

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Who We Work With 

We work with organisations that care about the happiness and wellbeing of their staff.

Including UKRI, Score Insurance, UCL, Microsoft, Unilever, Investors in People, BT, BIES and UNHCR

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